26 March, 2012
Back to back agreements

The recent case of Raad Chalabi, Mohammed Al-Bassam, S P Degree Limited, Scalenine Limited v Jaffar Agha-Jaffar and Bashar Chalabi [2011] EWCA Civ 15351 highlights the importance of considering all of the potential scenarios when negotiating and drafting the contracts and documentation for back to back sales of shares and assets held by companies. In […]

20 March, 2012
Protecting a charity’s brand and reputation

Brand and reputation will both be important considerations for all charities, particularly those engaged in fundraising activities. Brand can be described as what an organisation says about itself and reputation is what others say about it. Whilst branding can influence reputation, in the modern technological era, reputation is considered to have a greater impact on […]

12 March, 2012
Disclosing paid-for promotions

A marketing campaign by confectionary giant Mars has been cleared1 by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in its first investigation involving social networking site Twitter.   The ASA launched its investigation after receiving complaints regarding a chain of bizarre, economy and knitting-related tweets sent in January from the official accounts of the footballer Rio Ferdinand […]