Implications of Brexit on IP – developments with the Unified Patent Court
5 January, 2017

Businesses with international patents will be concerned about the potential impact Brexit may have on the UK’s membership of the Unified Patent Court Agreement (UPCA).     The purpose of the UPCA is to establish a single unified patent court (UPC) system for resolving certain types of patent disputes within participating Member States.  Under the […]

Looking forward to “Brexit Day”(?)
2 December, 2016

The plan for exiting the EU is evolving.  Slowly.  Business are pragmatic though, and will adjust to the new way of the world.  What most businesses are finding hard to deal with however is the lack of certainty over when Brexit will happen and what shape it will take.  So, are we any closer to knowing exactly what to expect from Brexit in […]

The property development game
1 December, 2016

In its recently published briefing paper entitled “Brexit: implications for the housing market and construction industry”, the House of Commons concluded that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union will have a ‘wide ranging impact’ on the house building sector. No surprises there, you might think. Yet, in the midst of the report’s somewhat […]

Future EU developments
25 November, 2016

At the moment, the UK has one of the most advanced consumer protection regimes in Europe which brings with it consumer confidence. The CRA brought in new rules around digital content which the EU is only now catching up with. As part of the Digital Single Market strategy, aimed at reducing barriers to cross-border sales, […]

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