Boardroom disputes

Disputes within companies can be extremely damaging.  They can occur in the boardroom between directors or between individual shareholders.


At a boardroom level, arguments and differences of opinion are inevitable.  They become a problem when they cause deadlock or prevent the company being properly run.


Disputes between shareholders can be linked to issues at board level or entirely separate.  They often arise from fundamental differences between shareholders about the future direction of the company.


The likelihood of such disputes, and the impact of them, increases in proportion to the share of ownership in the business held by the board members.  This means that owner-managed businesses and family businesses, are particularly prone to board room and shareholder fall-outs, the impact of which can be devastating.


Should a dispute arise that affects the running of any business, it is vital to resolve it promptly and conclusively; which is where we can help.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with boardroom disputes and shareholder disputes.  We can assist in advising on and dealing with negotiations and if required, manage the litigation process.


We can help by:

  • Providing general corporate governance advice for the company
  • Assisting in negotiations between warring shareholders
  • Advising on disputes between directors
  • Protecting the interests of minority shareholders
  • Managing shareholder or director exits
  • Investigating and pursuing allegations of fraud or misconduct
  • Pursuing litigation or alternative dispute resolution procedures


We understand that all disputes and businesses are different.  We will get to know you, your specific circumstances and what you would like to achieve, before advising you on the best possible way forward.  With different service and sector specialisms across the firm, we will select the right person or team specifically for your situation, maximising the likelihood of a successful outcome. 


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