Debt recovery

Our team specialises in recovering commercial debts, pursuing unpaid fines, recovering sums obtained by fraud and resolving cases where fees are disputed.


The service we provide depends entirely on your circumstances. We can help recover debts under major contracts or manage the whole debt collection procedure – a cost-effective option many clients prefer. Alternatively we offer a fixed fee debt collection service. This can be good value if you need to collect regular debts.


If you are a landlord, or represent an estate agent or property management company, you will find our commercial debt recovery services particularly helpful – we have a dedicated team to pursue residential and business tenants who owe rent or management fees.


Recovering debts can be arduous and frustrating. We are here to make the process simpler. We’ll act decisively, give you regular progress reports, and pursue large and small debts effectively.


We will also work with you to arrange appropriate payment terms. In some cases, our commercial debt recovery services are available on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.