Contesting a will in Kent

Having dealt with just about every conceivable difficulty that might arise, our solicitors in Kent provide expert advice on how to contest a will.


There are many challenges that arise when disputing a will and we guide you through the inheritance dispute process. Some of these challenges include:


  • Families arguing over a disputed will
  • Obtaining a copy of a will and providing advice on the procedure for contesting a Will in England and Wales
  • Resolving matters when executors cannot agree
  • Assisting beneficiaries with the removal of executors if they are unhappy with the actions (or inaction) being taken by the executors of the will
  • Advising if a vulnerable person has been coerced into leaving assets to someone who would not normally have benefited and others may wish to contest the will
  • If a mistake has been made in drawing up a will and it needs to be put right
  • If a document has been poorly written so it is not clear what was meant

Many things can go wrong when contesting a will and it is important to get the advice of solicitors who specialise in the field of contentious probate.


The will disputes team are all qualified solicitors based in Kent and members of the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists, the only organisation that recognises experts in contesting a will.


Each will dispute case is handled by a lawyer who understands how to challenge a will.  We aim to find solutions quickly and with as little worry as possible.


We talk to you about the most appropriate ways of funding your will dispute claim and often offer fixed fees, deferred payments, or no win, no fee terms.


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