Life... as it unfolds

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Wouldn’t it be great if life were simple? If all life’s stages could be summed up in just a few simple words? Well, we’ve done our best.

We’re different because we know you’re different. We recognise that you and the challenges that you face in life are unique. We believe that understanding that and what is really important to you in making your decisions – and getting to know you – is the most important thing that we can do.

Life isn’t always straightforward, and for some things you may need a guiding hand. Choices and difficulties in your personal or business journeys will overlap, but then so do our services, intentionally designed so we can bring together the right team of expertise to help.

So wouldn’t it be reassuring if, when you needed professional help and legal advice, from buying your first home, through running a business, to planning for retirement, it came from one trusted adviser, at a transparent and sensible price?  

We are Cripps, experienced legal professionals with offices here in Kent and London. We’ll always give you straightforward, clear advice, with you and what you value at the centre of everything that we do.