Prenuptial agreements

If you have valuable assets, a substantial income or are a business owner or entrepreneur, it is prudent to consider a prenuptial agreement. The same is true if you have inherited wealth, are set to benefit from a trust, or you are marrying later in life.


A prenuptial agreement could form part of your broader financial planning.


The main benefit of a prenuptial agreement of course, is to protect you and your spouse from expensive court proceedings in the future.


Although they are not automatically enforceable in the UK, the Supreme Court has given recognition to prenuptials agreements and the Law Commission has recommended new legislation. In many cases now they influence the outcome of divorce settlements and can offer a good deal of protection.


Our team has extensive experience writing prenuptial agreements and offering expert advice. We help both UK based and international couples, and frequently deal with complex or unusual arrangements. We can also tap in to our global network of family lawyers, who work alongside us to create prenuptial agreements that comply with both domestic and foreign laws.


Our approach is to take time to discuss with you the assets you wish to protect, and create a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement that suits your individual circumstances. All your options will be considered and everything explained clearly.


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