Our dedicated pharmacy team can help you with all the legal issues, regulatory requirements and challenges unique to the pharmacy industry. We work for individual pharmacies, corporate clients like the Day Lewis and Paydens Group, plus all the main lending banks.

We provide clear, expert advice on property, premises, purchases, sales, refinancing, relocation, trading disputesjoint ventures and online services. Whether you are a first time buyer, a retiring seller, or a corporate healthcare client with a large portfolio of pharmacies, we can help, advise and support you.

Corporate clients: Our experienced team provides expert assistance with buying and selling pharmacy businesses. From due diligence to composing legal documentation, our services are always tailored to the specific pharmacy involved.

Private clients: We will help you manage and protect your assets in the best possible way.

Commercial law: Our specialist commercial team advises on joint ventures, brand protection and the legal intricacies of operating pharmacy websites.

Disputes: With experienced litigation experts ready to help you, we can secure favourable outcomes on a range of disputes.

Regulatory law: We can advise on NHS contract applications, relocation applications, and on appealing the applications of competitors.

Employment law: From staff retention to disciplinary proceedings, we help pharmacies with every aspect of employment law.

Property: We have the largest property team in the South East with specialist knowledge relating to pharmacy and health centre premises.

We’ll listen carefully to your needs, guide you through complex legal issues and offer expert guidance and support at all times.

We are honorary members of the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies.