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Cripps offers instant family law advice through new online tool

18 May 2021

Cripps has announced the launch of an online system which uses artificial intelligence to provide family law clients with personalised and instant advice.

The system, ‘Settify’, is an online portal accessible via the family law pages of the Cripps website. It can be used for almost all family law matters, including divorcepre-nuptial agreements and children issues.

The tool guides individuals through a simple questionnaire to collect information about their circumstances, then using artificial intelligence, this is pulled into a bespoke report.

Head of the family team, Alex Davies, commented: “We are delighted to be implementing Settify onto our website. When an individual is looking for a family lawyer, it is often because they are going through a very emotional and difficult time and are looking for guidance on the path forward. One of the great things about this tool is its accessibility 24/7, and ability to provide instant family law advice.

It is also fantastic for new clients, as it gives them the opportunity to complete their background information before the initial meeting, allowing us to use that time as effectively as possible.”

Following completion of the questionnaire, individuals are invited to book an appointment with a member of the family law team. There is no obligation to request an appointment.