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Should my contracts have “Brexit clauses”?
26 May, 2017

A well drafted contract should deal with most eventualities.   Although Brexit is perhaps more of a certainty than an eventuality, given that we don’t yet know exactly what Brexit will look like, how can a contract deal effectively with its consequences? The answer to this will depend on the nature of your business, but […]

Professional duties in the garden

The Society of Garden Designer’s members often seek our advice on various topics relevant to design and project management roles. Commonly, there is no written contract or evidence in writing.  A recent Court of Appeal alerts us that, regardless of there being no agreed terms, or any payment being made, anyone offering these services may […]

Removing Content from Social Media

This week saw the publication of allegedly leaked internal Facebook policy documents which set out what is purported to be the company’s latest approach towards policing online content.   Abusive or damaging online content can inflict harm both financially and emotionally when it is used to defame, bully, harass, and intimidate others. This applies to […]

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