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Energy and environment

With our comprehensive suite of energy and environmental legal services, we empower you to meet your environmental responsibilities while driving positive and lasting change in your industry.

We offer a wide range of environmental legal services designed to assist you in navigating complex regulations and achieving your sustainability goals. Our experienced team provides expertise in areas such as:

Building regulations and control

We can help to ensure that your company complies with required construction and environmental standards and obtains necessary permits and certifications.

Environmental regulations

We can help you understand and adhere to laws related to emissions, waste management, and pollution control.

Alternative energy sources

We can advise landowners on installation and connection of solar / photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy sources to the electricity grid. We have assisted many of our clients in the installation of EV charging points and projects such as rainwater harvesting etc.

Energy efficient construction and development

We can advise developers on construction related building standards, such as BREEAM, LEED, WELL; and we are well-versed in the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), to guide occupiers and investors through meeting its requirements for your properties; as well as working with you to achieve any greater efficiency standard you seek.

Contaminated land

We can assist you in dealing with issues related to contaminated land, offering strategic advice and helping you manage potential liabilities.

Social value

We can assist you in navigating issues such as wayleave and code agreements, green leases, and building diverse communities as part of large scale regeneration projects.


We are committed to walking the talk and have signed our pledge to Greener Litigation and Net Zero Now.

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    Discover how we supported the funding and commercialisation strategy of clean fuel innovators HiiROC – putting it on the path to growth.

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