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Director disqualification

Being disqualified or targeted for director disqualification can have devastating consequences. We will guide you through proceedings and help you to defend your position.

At Cripps, we understand the consequences of director disqualification and the impact it can have on an individual. We are uniquely positioned to help you through disqualification proceedings and will attempt to mitigate your position in relation to any proposed disqualification period, with a view to reducing it wherever possible. Together, we will reach a conclusion quickly and cost effectively.

Director disqualification and how we can help

We approach each case by looking at your individual circumstances and will quickly identify the key issues that warrant consideration. We can:

  • assist you with completing the Director Questionnaire
  • review the early enquiries of the Insolvency Service regarding potential allegations raised and make representations with the aim of dismissing them
  • negotiate undertakings
  • advise on any possible defence(s) to director disqualification proceedings
  • identify any relevant points of mitigation to reduce the proposed disqualification period
  • advise on or defend compensation undertakings or orders which are becoming more prevalent
  • advise on the prospects of successfully making an application for permission to act as a director, notwithstanding disqualification.

Insolvency and director disqualification

We have many years’ experience of working with the Secretary of State. This has given us a real insight and thorough understanding of the Insolvency Service’s methods and where their main focuses lie when it comes to director disqualification. As a result, we can quickly recognise the key and relevant issues from their perspective. Delivering to them the necessary information and documentation in the way that suits their practice. We can then seek to reach a resolution by way of:

  • agreeing a disqualification undertaking or disqualification order
  • agreeing a compensation undertaking or compensation order
  • successfully defending disqualification proceedings
  • successfully applying for permission to act as a director notwithstanding disqualification.

Are you a director, or a former director of a company that has gone into an insolvency process? We can provide clear advice on your statutory obligations to assist the office holders with their investigations into the company’s affairs, your duties as a director and director disqualification. Download our insolvency director disqualification offering.

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