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Wealth structuring

How you choose to own and hold your wealth is vitally important. It will need to evolve as your life, and your family’s lives progress.

The structures that you create or amend will be driven by many things that are personal to you, your family, your businesses and your assets. Overarching concerns will usually be:

  • the ability to manage your wealth and do so tax efficiently
  • asset protection
  • succession

Structuring for the purposes of wealth management will look different for each person and is dependent on many factors. We will work with you from the outset to understand the nature of your life, what’s important to you and your family, and what your ultimate goals and ambitions are.

A tailored approach to suit you

We can work with you to build bespoke funds and other investment vehicles to help you pool the wealth of your family, friends and co-investors. These will be tailored to whether the fund is needed for a specific investment, a mechanism for control of a portfolio of investments, tax efficiency or all of the above. These bespoke vehicles also compliment planning with more traditional succession structures, such as trusts, and we can make sure everything runs smoothly in unison.

Structuring your property

How you structure property, whether it be homes, commercial or residential portfolios or rural estates, will vary depending on your fiscal and personal circumstances. Whether you are looking to understand the ownership of your family home, invest in UK property from another country or hold and manage a real estate portfolio, we can build a bespoke structure for you. A structure that balances the legal specifics of the properties with corporate or personal ownership requirements and tax efficiency.

Suitable structures for luxury assets

More unusual assets may need their own distinct structures. Whatever the asset – from tax efficient trusts for your art (recently acquired or inherited), to managing, maintaining and protecting your yacht or plane – we can help you choose the most suitable structures on a case-by-case basis.

Asset protection for future generations

A key element to any structure designed to hold wealth is asset protection. Ensuring your wealth is protected for future generations and not vulnerable to political change or instability (whether in the UK or elsewhere). Succession and wealth structuring are inevitably entwined. We will ensure that one complements the other.

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