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Sustainable finance, law and regulation

With our expertise, you can uphold strong governance principles while driving sustainable and responsible growth.

Companies are under increasing pressure from stakeholders to be more transparent about how they operate, ensuring they are adopting and upholding good ethical standards, promoting transparency, accountability and ensuring compliance with regulations and the increasing number of best practice policies. We help clients in the following:

Sustainable finance

Our expertise extends to sustainable finance and impact investment, assisting clients in accessing socially responsible investment opportunities and aligning your financial strategies with your values.

Data protection

We can provide guidance on data protection, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations and safeguarding the rights of individuals.

Ethics and conduct disputes

We provide guidance on commercial disputes, internal investigations and developing robust corporate governance frameworks.

Anti-bribery and corruption

We offer expertise in developing policies, conducting risk assessments, and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation such as the UK Bribery Act.

Disclosure and reporting obligations

We can help ensure you meet your ESG reporting requirements, providing guidance on best practices and ensuring accurate and transparent reporting. We can address any concerns related to greenwashing, ensuring accurate and credible communication of your sustainability efforts.

Due diligence

In the context of mergers and acquisitions, we offer due diligence services to assess potential risks related to ESG issues, ensuring that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the target company’s governance practices.

Directors’ duties

We can help board members navigate their responsibilities and obligations in the context of ESG considerations.

Stakeholder activism

We can provide guidance on engaging with stakeholders, managing shareholder proposals, and ensuring compliance with disclosure requirements.


We can help you to strengthen your corporate governance practices, mitigate risks, and foster trust among stakeholders.

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