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Certified B Corporation™

Cripps is one of the first UK law firms of our size to receive B Corp™ certification. We have joined a global community of businesses aligning profit and purpose to create a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

B Corp provides us with a comprehensive framework from which to recognise and improve the social and environmental impact of our business decisions so we can meet our promises of making a positive and lasting difference.

B Corp certification is not the end goal. This is the beginning of our continuous improvement as a purpose-driven firm. No business is perfect. The commitment and hard work to maintain and improve what we do for people, planet, clients and community is an on-going practice.

Our B Corp journey

Caring about people and our planet is nothing new to Cripps. It threads throughout our history. Our founders shaped new environmental legislation in Victorian Britain. Today our purpose and values continue to inform our business decisions and behaviour.

We started looking at B Corp as a sustainable business framework in 2019 and ran an assessment in the different impact areas. Our initial score was 60 points. Once we knew where we needed to improve, we kicked off a formal process to achieve B Corp™ Certification.

In 2021, we refined our purpose and re-submitted our B Corp assessment the following year alongside the legal change to become a B Corp. After a rigorous evaluation and verification process, we received certification in January 2024 with a score of 86.1. From here, we are monitoring and measuring improvements in the way we govern and operate our business for people, planet, clients and community. We will recertify at the end of 2026. View our B Corp profile.

What does B Corp™ mean for our people, clients and suppliers?

Our people tell us that it is important to them to work for a firm that takes its responsibilities towards people and the planet as seriously as it does profit. Our purpose is underpinned by four pillars focused on helping our clients, people, community and planet. Everyone in the firm can get involved in these initiatives which are embedded in all that we do from individual objectives through to reward and recognition. Being B Corp certified helps us attract the right people, skills and talent to solve problems and champion ambitions together.
Technical excellence is a given. Clients want an adviser who aligns with their values. As lawyers we know that one of the best ways we can make a difference is how we support our clients in achieving their own social and environmental goals. Visit our ESG and sustainability services to see how we can help. We will draw on our own experience and work together to achieve your objectives. We measure ourselves by our clients standards and use our client listening programme and Net Promoter Score to understand what clients need and how we can do better.
We are on the road to net zero by 2030. In 2022-23, we reduced our emissions by 45%. We have more to do to improve our supply chain  to reduce the emissions from the goods and services we purchase, our business travel and the waste we produce. We prefer to work with suppliers who are also making every effort to minimise their own emissions. For those who are less environmentally aware, we actively promote partnership working, so together we find ways of reducing our emissions and giving back to the planet. Find out what our ambitions are.

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If you have a question about what we are doing to be a responsible business or you would like to know more about becoming B Corp certified, please contact our purpose and impact manager, Liz Carter.

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