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Estate planning

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to their family’s future. Whatever your goal, our estate planning team will recommend the most prudent course of action for inheritance planning.

With our experience of wills and trusts, and our understanding of inheritance tax laws and property succession, we make sure your wishes are fulfilled and all necessary arrangements made.

How we can help

Trusts are an excellent way to pass down assets to future generations. They are flexible, allowing trustees to alter provisions and beneficiaries. They prevent life assurance proceeds from becoming part of your estate where they could be exposed to inheritance tax.

The type of trust we recommend depends entirely on your circumstances and whether you would like your family to enjoy their inheritance (or part of it) during your lifetime or as part of your will.

Flexible life interest trusts, nil rate band discretionary trusts and full discretionary trusts, all have different advantages. For example, lifetime trusts allow you to pass on property to your children in a way that reduces inheritance tax liability while keeping you in control.

To ensure we understand your wishes, we sit down with you, discuss your affairs at length, and explain your options clearly. Forming a relationship is important. Clients trust us with their family wealth because we know them well and understand their situation.

Whether you live in the UK or abroad, our team has a wealth of inheritance planning expertise. We utilise every ounce of our experience while also using new approaches to safeguard your family’s future.

Our estate planning team can advise on:

  • Tax-efficient trusts
  • Restructuring trusts
  • Property succession
  • Negotiating with HMRC
  • Cross-border tax and succession planning
  • Structuring your assets

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