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Shareholder disputes

A smooth, uninterrupted running of businesses is never guaranteed. When problems do arise our expert shareholder dispute litigation lawyers are there to resolve them swiftly and effectively.

Our commercial litigation lawyers are experts in providing corporate legal advice for directors and shareholders, that simplifies and facilitates the complexities within the highly regulated business world. Our guide to the law relating to shareholder disputes is a useful overview of the key legal concepts.

We are recognised experts in the field of shareholder disputes, acting for the company and its directors, the majority shareholders, or for the minority shareholders.  Ed Weeks, a nationally recognised expert in this area, has written a book on resolving shareholder disputes within family businesses. 

Our aim is to swiftly resolve shareholder disputes with minimum damage to the business and maximum value obtained for our client.

Our experienced commercial litigation lawyers can also deal with all issues related to the structure and management of limited companies. Whether it is advising on capital share matters (interpreting articles of association and the application of shareholders and investment agreements or share option schemes) or advising on corporate governance and responsibility, we can help.

A team of litigation lawyers will be by your side

Our team of litigation lawyers represent both companies and individuals from a variety of sectors. We navigate different areas of law in complex disputes by bringing together professionals with diverse specialisms – employmentdispute resolutioncorporate lawcommercial and insolvency. A team of lawyers by your side, to help you overcome whatever legal challenges you are facing.

Working together on your shareholder dispute resolution

We will work with you, protect your rights, manage risk, explain options clearly and guide you through shareholder dispute legal complexities.  Our legal advice for shareholders will help you achieve the proper value for your shareholding.  Our legal advice for directors is there to avert difficulties so you can focus on conducting business without unwanted distractions.


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Frequently asked questions

A shareholder dispute is a disagreement between shareholders in a company.  These disputes are most common in owner-managed businesses.  The disputes can be caused by a range of factors, such as disagreements over business strategy, disputes over shareholdings or investments, or disputes over the allocation of profits. If not resolved quickly and effectively, they can have a significant impact on your business. Our lawyers specialise in shareholder dispute resolution and can help resolve your shareholder disputes swiftly and effectively.
Shareholders disputes lawyers provide expert legal advice for directors and shareholders.  At Cripps, our shareholder dispute lawyers possesses the necessary expertise and knowledge to navigate through complex legal frameworks. They can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the situation, identify the rights and obligations of all parties involved, and devise effective strategies to protect your interests.  We have extensive experience in dealing with  shareholder disputes across multiple sectors. We can provide guidance on corporate governance and responsibility, capital share matters, and advising on corporate restructuring.
Yes.  Our team of shareholder dispute resolution lawyers at Cripps represent both companies and individuals from a variety of sectors.  We have diverse specialisms, including employment, dispute resolution, corporate law, commercial, and insolvency. We will work with you to protect your rights and manage risk, ensuring a swift resolution to your shareholder dispute.
In emotionally charged shareholder disputes, it can be challenging for parties to maintain objectivity and focus on finding a mutually beneficial resolution.  In the early stages of a dispute a specialist lawyer can act as a neutral third party, guiding the shareholders towards a fair and reasonable outcome. They can mediate discussions, facilitate negotiations, and ensure that all parties are given a fair opportunity to present their perspectives.  By fostering open communication and encouraging constructive dialogue, a specialist shareholder dispute lawyer can increase the chances of reaching a resolution that preserves the company's value and maintains relationships between shareholders.
Shareholder disputes can be protracted and resource-intensive if not handled efficiently. Engaging a specialist shareholder dispute lawyer can streamline the resolution process, saving valuable time and resources.  Their experience in handling similar cases enables them to identify the most efficient strategies, negotiate favourable settlements, and avoid unnecessary delays.  By resolving the dispute swiftly and effectively, a specialist lawyer can minimise the financial and reputational costs associated with prolonged litigation.
Every shareholder dispute is unique, and the optimal resolution strategy depends on the specific circumstances at hand.  A specialist shareholder dispute lawyer can assist in formulating a strategic plan tailored to your objectives. They can evaluate the available options, such as negotiation, mediation, or litigation, and advise you on the most suitable approach.  Their expertise allows them to anticipate potential challenges and develop contingency plans, ensuring that your interests are protected at every stage of the dispute resolution process.
The process for resolving a shareholder dispute will depend on the specific circumstances involved. Our experienced team of shareholder dispute lawyers at Cripps will work with you to navigate the legal complexities of shareholder dispute resolution.  We will explain your options clearly and guide you through the process, with the goal of achieving a swift and effective resolution to your dispute, whether this is by negotiation or a more formal dispute resolution process.

Our client successes

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  • Exiting a problem minority shareholder

    2 min

    We provided majority shareholders of a building services company with the ability to remove a problem shareholder from their company.

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  • Case study
  • Obtaining justice for a minority shareholder

    2 min

    We supported the minority shareholder of a technology company when they were ejected from the company and left without funds to pursue a claim.

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  • Case study
  • Shareholder dispute settled at mediation

    3 min

    Acted for a 25% shareholder in an IT company who was wrongfully removed from the company and unable to realise their investment.

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