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Dispute resolution solicitors

We know that dispute resolution is rarely about the adversarial world of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. It’s about working with trust, tact and diplomacy to resolve your dispute as painlessly as possible.

With our team of dispute resolution solicitors, you’re in safe, experienced hands from the outset. Bringing our breadth and depth of expertise to the table, we work to identify the scope of your issues. Then use all the fair and forceful means at our disposal to drive the very best solution – through negotiation and dispute resolution techniques or, if necessary, the courts.

Putting your issues first and foremost, our experienced team of dispute resolution solicitors are proactive problem solvers who always have your back. Taking worries away. Supporting your cause. Fighting on your behalf. And acting with your very best interests at heart.

How our dispute resolution lawyers can help

Disputes in business are common. Building a relationship with skilled commercial dispute resolution lawyer, can give you a clear advantage. Read More
If your organisation is facing an employment tribunal claim, our experienced employment dispute specialists will defend your interests robustly. Read More
Family disputes can be emotional and traumatic. Let us help you with the burden. Our expert family team will explain your options. Read More
When expert advice goes wrong, we’re here for you. We can help you bring a claim to recover any loss or damage you’ve suffered. Read More
Protecting property is essential. When disagreements cannot be settled amicably our property dispute resolution team will explain your legal position clearly and cost-effectively. Read More
A smooth, uninterrupted running of businesses in never guaranteed. When problems do arise our expert litigation lawyers are there to resolve them swiftly and effectively. Read More
If you've been left out of a will, or you feel the will did not make reasonable financial provision for you, you may be able to claim under the Inheritance Act. Read More

We work with trust, strength and diplomacy to resolve your personal or business disputes. We’re proactive problem solvers, taking worries away and fighting on your behalf.

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Our client successes

  • Case study
  • Defending a high profile Inheritance Act claim against a £7m estate.

    3 min

    Anthony Shearer left a £7m estate to his surviving spouse. His two daughters, dissatisfied with the will, initiated a claim for financial provision, with help from Cripps, our legal team defended the estate.

    Read the case study
  • Case study
  • Will dispute

    3 min

    Challenging a Will that disinherits the family.

    Read the case study
  • Case study
  • Will construction dispute

    1 min

    Acting for a minor in respect of a Will with ambiguous terms.

    Read the case study
  • Case study
  • Victory at the High Court

    2 min

    We secured a victory for a Turkish manufacturing client in a complex contractual case, culminating in a hard-fought battle in the English High Court.

    Read the case study

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