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Charities and philanthropy

We can guide you on the journey to leave a lasting legacy behind for your family and for the wider communities in which you live.

Traditional philanthropy is rapidly evolving. People now increasingly feel that they can make a bigger, more visible impact and drive change more effectively by taking charge of their own philanthropy. We can help you to develop and implement your philanthropic plans. Ensuring the next generation are also equipped for the challenges and responsibilities that future leadership presents.

Understanding your aspirations

Each individual family has its own unique philanthropic priorities and interests. We offer specialist advice that is shaped to each family’s specific requirements. Our lawyers will help you define your aspirations and philanthropic objectives both for now and for the next generation. Solutions are carefully structured to be tax efficient, taking into account your family’s wealth management and wider succession planning strategies.

Various options to consider

We can advise on the creation and operation of family charitable foundations, for example, charitable trusts and other forms of incorporated charities. Our advice extends to other types of entrepreneurial entities, such as family investment companies, B Corporations and community interest companies.

We can also advise on social enterprises that can be used as a part of an overarching philanthropy strategy to advance your family’s objectives.

In addition, we can develop robust governance structures, clear public benefit impact reporting mechanisms and detailed ethical and social investment policies designed in accordance with the family’s beliefs. You can be confident your hard-earned wealth is truly delivering benefit to others.

For family businesses, our team of specialists can help you prepare and implement formal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and corporate charitable foundations. Ensuring your philanthropic strategy is applied with consistency across the family’s business activities.

We will work with you to make sure whatever philanthropic strategy is adopted, it advances your family’s objectives most effectively and maximises social impact.

Areas where we can help

  • CSR strategies
  • Formation of Charities and Foundations
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Social and other non-profit driven enterprises

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Our charities and philanthropy experience

Ethical investments

Everyone has a different understanding of what is meant by ‘ethical investment’. To some, it means investing in asset classes based on moral or ethical principles, such as sustainable building projects or renewable energies. To others, it means trying to achieve a fair balance between ‘purpose’ and ‘profit’. There are many shades to this spectrum. Your opinion is the one that counts: we take the time to understand what the term means to you and how you envisage using your position to benefit the sector. Whether that’s through a one-off investment or setting up or participating in an ethical fund with an overarching investment policy. We are proud to represent a growing number of B Corps – businesses that have been awarded a certification for giving equal consideration to both their financial returns and their social and environmental impact. These businesses are prepared to take on the additional legal responsibilities that sit alongside the accreditation, and we are equipped to assist them with this. We can offer advice and guidance as to how you might play a role in harnessing the power of business for the greater good, without exposing yourself to undue risk or at the cost of financial reward

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