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Property development solicitors

Major projects require substantial planning and attention to detail. Our property development solicitors take an active role from start to finish.

Our highly experienced team of property development lawyers will advise you through the development process. We provide strategic advice whether you have a straight purchase, conditional contract, option, promotion agreement or other form of risk sharing. We also assist with any necessary funding arrangements and will deal with complexities on contracts and multiple land owners to help you progress through each stage.

Our planning team works closely with our development lawyers to understand the property contractual arrangements and drivers. They will help you secure the necessary planning permission.

On securing planning permission, if site disposal is needed, our commercial property lawyers will deal with the disposal through a developer or through a joint venture. If you are developing the site, our construction team works in collaboration with our development experts to help manage the required construction documentation and planning processes, including the appointment of contractors.

With mixed use schemes, our property development solicitors will handle all management arrangements and leases to ensure each of the uses are synchronised and operate together. Throughout the process our focus is for the development to be timely, cost efficient and marketable.

Who our development lawyers work with

We work with property developers, land promoters, house builders, investors, land owners, landed estates, operators, public authorities and lenders. Our experienced team of property and land development solicitors have gained a wealth of knowledge from working with a wide range of clients. We understand the key drivers from every side of the transaction.

Working closely to protect your interests

Being part of the placemaking process, and working alongside your wider development team to create a better and more sustainable built environment, is why we enjoy development projects.

We cover a wide range of sectors; our residential development solicitors provide advice to market house builders and housing associations on all aspects of the property development process. Our commercial property solicitors deal with commercial development, retail, leisure, mixed use, infrastructure, renewable energy, market and affordable housing, build to rent and student accommodation.. Our experience spans small to major strategic sites and we reflect in our advice an understanding of the different motivations and areas of concern.

We also have a dedicated plot sales service that acts for developers selling residential dwellings. We assist with setting up sites, site management arrangements and infrastructure arrangements which enables you to progress sales swiftly.

What we can help with

  • Establishing title
  • Site assembly
  • Conditional contracts
  • Options
  • Promotion agreements
  • Joint venture and collaboration arrangements
  • Purchasing land
  • Disposing of land
  • Management arrangements and leases with mixed use developments
  • Plot sales to home purchasers

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