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Trust solicitors

When handled professionally, a trust can provide significant tax advantages. Trusts are flexible, enabling you to ensure control over the assets while helping those you wish to benefit.

Are you a trustee of a trust?

Following a change in Government legislation, the scope of trusts that have to be registered with HMRC has widened significantly, meaning most trusts must now be registered via the Trust Registration Service. This change came into force on 1 September 2022.

Please read our blog for further guidance and information as to how we can assist you.

Our trust solicitors are experts in all kinds of trusts. We provide our clients with specialist legal and tax advice, combining the work of lawyers, chartered tax advisers and dedicated trust administrators. Trust advice can be part of an overall wealth planning service or stand alone.

Creating a trust

Whether you are keen to minimise your exposure to inheritance tax, protect a disabled relative’s finances or create trusts for your grandchildren, our trust solicitors ensure your assets are structured in the best possible way. We can also ensure that proceeds from your life policy and lump sum benefits are maximised in the event of your death.

It is important for us to get to know you and understand your priorities. We will sit down, explain the practicalities and tax implications of each type of trust, and discuss the best course of action.

If creating an offshore trust is the best option, we have an international team with extensive experience advising on cross-border tax and succession planning.

You can then leave the formalities to us: we check necessary documentation, transfer assets into the trust, and transfer assets into your new trust. If needed, we can also deal with tax returns as well as making sure you comply with all legal requirements.

Trust management

If you require a professional trustee or executor, we recommend Cripps Trust Corporation (CTC). This provides continuity, independence and professional trusteeship.

Our dedicated team of experienced people can help you with all aspects of trust management. We currently look after more than 400 trusts – giving advice, handling administration and dealing with compliance issues. There will always be a partner overseeing your trust and ensuring it meets your objectives.

We monitor changes in legislation and always give advice that reflects your personal circumstances. Most recently ensuring all our trusts are compliant with new Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) legislation.

Our team work closely with a variety of brokers and can help identify the right investment manager for the job. We maintain up-to-date records and regularly monitor their performance. This enables us to look at the bigger picture in a more cost-effective way.

Our team of trust solicitors and trust managers can advise on:

  • Providing financial security for a surviving spouse
  • Protecting assets for minor children or grandchildren
  • Trusts for disabled beneficiaries
  • Private charitable trusts and companies
  • Inheritance Tax planning from personal life assurance and pension plans

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