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Insolvency disputes

Resolving complex and fast moving disputes within distressed situations can be stressful. Our experienced insolvency dispute lawyers can provide tailored advice to assist you in bringing or defending a claim.

Disputes arising from insolvencies can be complex, impacting many stakeholders. Our litigation lawyers are specialists in contentious insolvency work. We can expertly help you navigate the situation offering straightforward and timely legal advice. If you or your business are facing financial difficulties, our insolvency lawyers can build an effective strategy that minimises and resolves potential disputes.

Our insolvency dispute services include:

  • Directors’ duties advice
  • Office holder claims
    • Breaches of directors’ duties (misfeasance)
    • Claims for repayment of director’s loan accounts and unlawful dividends
    • Recovery of assets into the insolvency estate (antecedent transactions)
    • Wrongful or fraudulent trading
  • Creditor claims, including representation at creditors’ meetings
  • Enforcement of security
  • Director disqualification
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Winding-up proceedings

Who we work with

Our insolvency dispute solicitors work with distressed businesses, shareholders and directors, insolvency practitioners, banks and financial institutions, landlords, private equity firms, funds and other creditors. We will help make or defend against a claim, achieving the best outcome for you.

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