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Supporting CH1s growth journey

25 Apr 2022 3 min

Niche financial advisers CH1 Investment Partners LLP have grown substantially since spinning out from LGT Vestra Wealth Management in 2016. Targeting alternative investment opportunities in the renewal energy sector, they have supported solar developers in their own growth trajectory, empowering their partners to develop into some of the largest solar developers in the UK. Cripps has worked with CH1 at each step of their journey, helping them structure agile investments in a way that maximises return to their investors while enabling borrowers the flexibility they need to meet the demands of a fast-developing market.

The challenge: funding future growth

The solar market has transformed in recent years, moving from subsidy-heavy specialised development into a mainstream asset class. At the same time, market demand has moved the sector front and centre of the country’s energy needs. Institutional finance has struggled to keep up with these changes, enabling CH1 to identify and bridge the demand through alternative investment finance.

Our approach: partnership in action

Working in close partnership with CH1 and solar developers, our corporate team advises from ‘cradle to grave’: structuring investment vehicles, negotiating finance terms, advising on regulatory issues, dealing with day-to-day project management, and winding down funds at the end of their life. Our focus is to achieve the right balance between protecting investors’ interests and recognising the need for developers to move quickly to respond to market opportunities, often within short investment windows.

The outcome: win win

We’ve enabled CH1 to secure funding in excess of £125,000,000 into the renewable energies market since 2016, targeting investor returns well in excess of traditional asset classes.

During that period, demand for renewable energy has increased steadily, driven by rising demand, cost of traditional energy supplies and a consumer led shift towards sustainability in the market.

The outcome is a success story for all involved: our client, its investors, the developers, and the planet.

How we made a difference

Understanding and balancing all stakeholders’ interests has been crucial to this success story and where we have made and continue to make a difference. Our team is proactive and helpful, identifying issues before they arise, and always willing to go the extra mile. Having our real estate and construction specialists integrated into the project team means complex issues can be worked on in parallel without the need to involve additional advisers. Maintaining a good rapport with all involved is key, particularly when commercial opportunities often necessitate short deadlines and immediate funding needs.

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