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Timing is everything

With any professional negligence claim the first step is establishing that you have enough time left on the clock to bring the claim; you can have a strong claim, and tick every box for success, but irrespective of the legal merits, once your time has run out, that is that.   As with all claims […]

Inheriting when bankrupt

Bankruptcy can be stressful and confusing. If you inherit assets around the time you are bankrupt, what happens depends on the date of death and date your bankruptcy ends (‘is discharged’). Although bankruptcy shows on credit searches for several years, the discharge date is often one year after bankruptcy is declared; you can check if […]

Will your digital assets die with you?

The term ‘digital asset’ is used to describe a relatively new type of property and broadly includes all content or accounts online, or stored on devices such as computers or smartphones, that someone may own or have a right to use. With the rise in use of digital platforms such as social media, online banking […]

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