Hannah Proctor


I am a commercial lawyer assisting clients faced with difficult business situations such as non-payment, non-performance of a contract, or cash flow issues.

I also advise on the options and/or rights available to directors and/or shareholders that are assessing their position within a company. Such issues can unfortunately be experienced by any company, no matter its size or financial situation, as well as any individual involved in the running, or ownership, of a company, no matter how conscientious they are. I advise companies or individuals that are experiencing such difficulties internally, or are having to address an issue caused by the conduct of another company and/or individual.

This service focus has been developed working with the commercial disputes team at Cripps and after spending a few years working overseas, where I specialised in large scale insolvency and director duties work.

I take a pro-active approach to resolving such difficulties given the huge impact they have on business and the personal lives of the individuals involved.


  • Commercial litigation
  • Shareholder rights
  • Insolvency
  • Director duties