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Job application forms – top tips from a paralegal apprentice!

2 Feb 2021

Our Paralegal Apprenticeship Scheme recruitment window is now open and so I have collated my top five tips for completing application forms. It is important that your application stands out from the rest and is the best representation of yourself. Usually, those reading application forms will have a lot to sieve through and you would like yours to end up in the ‘potential’ pile! Therefore, it is key to have a well-constructed application.

Below I have listed my top 5 tips.

Make your application easy to read

Quite often, applications are given the once-over before it is read in more depth. That is why it is crucial that your application is easy to scan over. It is also important to break the topics down, by using paragraphs which contain short sentences.

Keeping it relevant

When completing your application, keep it specific to the job you are applying for. Follow the job specification given point by point and elaborate on each of those points. As above, keep the points concise and clear. It is easy to spot an application which isn’t personal to the job in question.

Taking time

Take your time when completing an application. If an application is rushed it gives the impression that you are not too bothered about the role. Make sure to evidence that it is personal to that specific job, by using the Tip 2 above.

Making good use of your hobbies and interests

Where relevant, you can use your hobbies to demonstrate some of the skills required in the job role. An example of this would be saying that you enjoy playing sport which you can link back to being part of a team and knowing how to work in a team. If you are a collector (stamps, comics, coins for example) this might demonstrate organisational abilities or attention to detail

Perfecting your spelling, punctuation and grammar

To achieve a perfectly polished application, it is imperative that your spelling, punctuation and grammar is faultless. It is best to proof read through your applications a few times, but at different times in the day so you have fresh eyes. You could also ask someone else to read over it and point out any flaws.

Our Paralegal Apprenticeship scheme

The apprenticeship scheme is two years long and contains a mixture of on-the-job learning and training from BPP University. Further details of our Paralegal Apprenticeship scheme can be found here.

Lauren Manwaring

Solicitor Apprentice