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Family law solicitors

Whether considering divorce or contemplating a prenuptial agreement, it’s an emotional and stressful time. You can trust our family lawyers to help you navigate the complexities.

Our family law solicitors are experts in high net worth and complex cases.  We are consistently ranked amongst the top teams of family lawyers in the country and are proud of our reputation for clear and pragmatic advice at a competitive price. Our team of family law solicitors in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, London and Horsham provide assistance swiftly and effectively.

We can help if you are contemplating marriage, a civil partnership or living with a partner, as well as if the relationship comes to an end. If there are financial issues and arrangements for children that need to be resolved as a result, we can help you achieve a financial settlement.

What services do we provide?

Our family law solicitors have years of experience helping our clients to resolve cases of varying complexities, including:

  • Mediation
  • Custody arrangements
  • Divorce and separation
  • Domestic abuse
  • Financial matters
  • Cohabitation
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Unmarried disputes

Working together

Our offices are paperless and our team is agile. We use video conferencing, phone, email and SMS to communicate with you. Contact our family law solicitors in Kent, London or West Sussex today for expert guidance and support.

Types of family law services

You can trust our experienced family law solicitors to guide you through the legal process of obtaining a divorce, ensuring all necessary documentation is filed correctly and efficiently. Our team will protect your rights and advocate for a fair distribution of marital assets, considering factors such as contributions, needs, and future financial stability, both in and out-of-court.
We understand the importance of child custody and support in divorce cases. Your children are your top priority and disputes about their care or living arrangements can be distressing. We will advocate for your parental rights and work towards developing custody arrangements that prioritise the best interests of your children. Recognising the significance of maintaining a strong familial bond post-separation, our team will be on-hand to assist in helping you navigate complex child visitation matters. We’ll work with you to resolve arrangement disputes and achieve regular and meaningful contact between non-custodial parents and their children. We strive to operate in the interests of all parties involved, to ensure visitation arrangements are practical, flexible, and promote positive parent-child relationships.
In cases of domestic abuse, our experienced solicitors are well-versed in the civil remedies available to provide you with the justice and relief you deserve. We will explore legal avenues, and offer support in getting an injunction or a protective order, confidentially in the interest of your and your children’s safety. Our team will advocate for your rights and work towards a resolution that is fair and just, considering the specific circumstances of your case. Our compassionate team of specialists have years of experience in assisting both victims and alleged perpetrators of domestic abuse in obtaining restraining orders. We will guide you through the legal process, providing support and protection during this challenging time. Our priority is your safety, and we will work diligently to ensure that you have the necessary legal measures in place to protect yourself and your loved ones.
We have years of expertise in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements tailored to meet your specific needs. We will guide you through the process, ensuring that all relevant aspects are considered and included in the agreement. Whether you are entering into a marriage or seeking to protect your assets during the course of your marriage, we will assist in creating a comprehensive and legally sound document that provides protection, clarifies financial rights and responsibilities, and promotes peace of mind for both parties. In the event that a dispute arises regarding the enforcement of a prenuptial agreement, our expertly-qualified solicitors will be here to provide you with legal advice and assistance. We will assess the validity and enforceability of the agreement, meticulously examine its terms and conditions, and help you navigate the legal process. Our dedicated team will work to protect your rights and ensure that the prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is upheld, allowing you to move forward with confidence and clarity.
We can provide mediation services to resolve your family disputes. Mediation is actively encouraged by the courts and is a voluntary, non-confrontational process, which offers a safe and confidential environment for couples to talk openly, clarify any issues in dispute and explore their options following separation.
You can rely on our team of wills, trusts and estate planning experts to help you navigate the complexities of preserving and distributing your assets. We provide comprehensive tax-efficient advice and guidance on creating wills and establishing trusts to ensure your wealth is protected. If you have concerns about the validity or fairness of a will, our knowledgeable solicitors can provide guidance on contesting it. In the unfortunate event of a passing, our estate admininstration specialists will be here to assist you through the probate process. We understand that dealing with probate can be overwhelming, and we offer compassionate advice to help you navigate through it smoothly. Our team will guide you through the legal procedures, handle the administration of the estate, and ensure that the decedent's assets are distributed according to their wishes. We strive to provide efficient and effective probate services, alleviating the burden on you during this challenging time.

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