Guidance note for parties outside the jurisdiction
15 March, 2018

Parties who conduct business internationally will need to consider which law will govern their contracts and decide on the best forum to resolve any disputes which may arise. This guidance note is intended to provide general advice on the advantages of choosing the law of England and Wales to govern commercial contracts and the jurisdiction of the […]

Government releases new NPPF – but is it enough?
12 March, 2018

On Monday 5th March the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government unveiled the new and improved draft National Planning Policy Framework (“NPPF”), the first review of the original NPPF since its initial publication in 2012. The draft incorporates the changes that have been consulted on following last year’s housing white paper and […]

Read the small print: Signing a new lease
5 March, 2018

Tessa Ellis of law firm Cripps advises caution when signing up to a new lease, even if it is with NHS Property Services Limited, which owns many of the NHS primary care properties in England.   NHS Property Services Limited is a private company, with the sole shareholder the Secretary of State for Health. However, […]

Legal tips for occupiers
20 February, 2018

Many commercial real estate leases contain an option to end the lease early. This is usually referred to as ‘a break clause’, ‘break option’ or ‘option to terminate’. Break options can be exercised by the landlord, the tenant or both but it is more common for them to be exercisable by the tenant only.   […]

Family Investment Companies – Creation and use
9 February, 2018

There are a number of options to be considered when creating a Family Investment Company (FIC).   This guidance note explains a number of options to be considered when creating a FIC.   If you require further information please contact Chris Wilkinson at or on +44 (0)1892 506 247.

The importance of clarity in partnership arrangements
18 January, 2018

Are you considering inviting new partners to join your practice or are you about to become a partner yourself? Gemma Pearmain of law firm Cripps explains why it’s important you agree clear partnership terms from the start. The recent Court of Appeal decision in Cheema v. Jones and others is a reminder of the risks […]

Moving house? Prepare for the spring now
11 January, 2018

Putting your house on the market in the spring? Then be the early bird and instruct your solicitor now to ensure all the paperwork is in place, that any avoidable issues have been ironed out and your own questions are answered. Missing documents – commonly planning consents and building regulation certification – regularly cause problems. […]

Changing the use of a church hall
4 January, 2018

Church halls are increasingly being used for a diverse variety of functions, from spaces for community gatherings to centres for children’s activities. Using church halls for a wide range of purposes can benefit the local community and help with fundraising, helping to bring in much needed revenue to maintain the hall and other church property. […]

AIM Companies – is your PSC Register complete?
18 December, 2017

AIM and NEX Exchange listed companies became obliged to maintain a register of people with significant control (PSC Register) when changes to the regime came into effect on 24 July 2017.    Prior to these changes, there was an exemption for those companies that were already subject to DTR5 of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Disclosure […]

Guidance note to directors’ duties
5 December, 2017

As a matter of law, directors have duties to the company for which they act.  This guidance note is intended to provide general advice to directors across a number of areas.  Read more here.  If you require further guidance please contact Joanna Ford at or on +44(0)1732 224 033.   

Tips and Traps in Group Restructurings
5 December, 2017

Paul Lester, a partner in our corporate team with many years’ experience in helping groups of companies simplify their structures, gives you his top tips, and points out the traps to avoid, for a successful group restructuring. Get the structure right The choice of how the reorganisation is to be carried out (for example share […]

Group Structure Simplification
5 December, 2017

New corporate entities are commonly added to the group structure chart as business organisations expand, whether through organic growth into new sectors and geographies or through inorganic growth by way of mergers and acquisitions.    This guidance note provides a detailed look at the rational behind and options for simplifying your group structure.  For more […]

Guide to the Law Relating to Trade Marks (part 2 of 2)
4 December, 2017

The preceding guidance note in this ‘Guide to the Law Relating to Trade Marks’ series (part 1 of 2) looked at the registration and commercialisation of trade marks.   Part 2 explains the concept of unregistered trade marks and how they, and registered marks, can be enforced to protect a business brand.  Read more here.  For more […]

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