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Jemma Simmons

Client Services Manager

I am the manager of the client services team. I work with the whole real estate division to ensure a seamless service is delivered to all clients.

With over 15 years’ experience I am responsible for the smooth running of the client management team. I work closely with the divisional manager to support with key messaging and implementation of new processes and strategy.

Along with the divisional manager and associated team members I look at new IT systems and processes and improving efficiency in legal work.

I also deal with onboarding new clients, providing support on administrative services directly to them.

Part of my remit is to work with finance teams across the firm to ensure a smooth relationship to better financial discipline across all clients.

Areas of expertise:

  • Client deeds (management, storage, large client scanning projects)
  • Undertakings
  • Deeds scheduling
  • Client reporting
If I'm unavailable, please contact:

Anna Holness

Client Services Team Leader
+44 (0)1892 506022
[email protected]

Scott Lucus

Legal Assistant
+44 (0)1892 506359
[email protected]

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