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AI and data for lunch: March 2024

11 Mar 2024

A 45 minute webinar for everyone interested in AI, technology, privacy and information rights.

Join our host Matthew Holman for AI and data for lunch, a new initiative bringing you all the important updates in one bite-sized monthly session.

In the first of our webinar series, we break down the complicated issues of this legal discipline in an informative but light-hearted way. It’s designed to be useful and to fit into your working day.

Here’s what we discussed:

“2024 will be the data protection year for…”

Our experts take a look at what the ICO is focussing on this year, what the obvious risk areas will be and what clues are in the ICO’s annual action plan.

Unpack it!

We’ve poured over the Supreme Court decision in Thaler v Comptroller General of Patents from December 2023. It says AI can’t gain patents for things it creates. We explain why the court reached that decision, why it might be wrong and what it means for legal advisors in the tech field.

UK AI laws

Matthew was a key participant in the original AI consultation with government. He’s digested the government’s response published on 6 February and provides his take on the top 5 things you should know about the future of AI regulation. Read our response to the consultation.

Three great things

Each webinar will end with the low down from our AI geeks and researchers on the three best new things AI has done in the last eight weeks. It might make you think, laugh, or just sound really cool at parties.

Matthew Holman