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Cripps joins WealthiHer network

7 Mar 2023

Top 100 law firm Cripps is proud to announce its partnership with WealthiHer, a leading professional network that offers women the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to manage and grow their own wealth.

Founded in 2019 by Tamara Gillan, WealthiHer’s mission is to leverage the power of collaborative action and brings together leading thought leaders, businesses, the media, and educators to drive the empowerment and economic advancement of women now and in the future.

Cripps will be joining a partner network of private banks, accountants and legal firms working collaboratively to champion change. Partners include J.P.Morgan, Kleinwort Hambros and HSBC, working together to arm and equip women with the knowledge and confidence they need to prosper and to build a better tomorrow for everyone.

The network conducts annual research each year to understand the issues that women are currently facing, this data is then fed into regular events to empower women to debate the issues and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to solve them. Recent topics have included investing in a volatile market, improving self-esteem, navigating vulnerable moments, and being an effective leader.

Gavin Tyler, Cripps’ managing partner commented: “As a business, our key purpose is to solve problems and champion ambitions to make a positive and lasting difference to others which aligns perfectly with the objectives of the WealthiHer network.

WealthiHer highlights how important it is that we create a fully inclusive and diverse workforce which we have been working towards for a number of years. Over 70% of our workforce is female, and 50% of our partners are now women.. We recognise the differing working needs of our people and have introduced a number of initiatives to foster positive change. These include the creation of career paths, alternative routes for career progression, family-friendly policies, and flexible working opportunities for all. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we can never stand still and must continue to strive to ensure gender equality at all levels.

We are delighted to be supporting WealthiHer, and look forward to working with the network to continue the conversation around the key issues, whilst empowering and encouraging our own people to join the debate.”

The WealthiHer Network co-founder and entrepreneur Tamara Gillian said: “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Cripps.  As female wealth grows and we face the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, we want to be able to support as many women as possible to transform their financial futures. Working with top legal firms provides The Network with an opportunity to champion female financial empowerment and advancement and shape industries and workplaces that work for everyone. We look forward to championing women like never before and continuing to break down barriers in the industry and beyond, together.”